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Abundant Zucchini Recipes: BZLTs


Bacon, ZUCCHINI, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich. The BZLT. We pronounce it the BEE-Zult.

2014-08-07 18.16.48


The trick here is to grill the bacon, then cook the zucchini strips in the remaining bacon fat. We use the panini grill for cooking bacon because the fat runs off and the two-sided cooking makes for flat, crispy strips of bacon. Perfect! The zucchini picks up a nice bacon flavor and crispy grill marks.

Add toasted bread, mayo (homemade please), lettuce and tomato for the perfect summer sandwich.

2 thoughts on “Abundant Zucchini Recipes: BZLTs

  1. Did you develop this recipe yourself? We usually add American cheese to our BLTs. I must work on my zucchini recipe making.

    My plants are just not producing. Hopefully, after the last deluge we had there are some now.

    Happy surprise gardening.


    • I had fried zucchini at a Greek restaurant a few years ago and thought, “we’ll, that would be good on a sandwich.” I don’t usually take the extra time to bread and double-fry the zucchini. The bacon grease helps a lot.

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