ReLocavore: Redefining "local"

Back to Wisconsin, my cheesehead friends


I started this site in 2012 when The Mister and I moved from Wisconsin to New Hampshire. I was (and still am) a Locavore, a person who likes to eat locally grown foods. Moving locations presented a challenge – When the climate and seasons drive your food preferences and cooking, changing climates and seasons is an opportunity to re-learn a local community. So, we migrated from abundant flat Wisconsin farmland with vibrant farming culture, to mountainous New England with inhospitable terrain, high property taxes and long history of producing great food and drink.

And then we moved back.

In 2019, The Mister was recruited to a job in Wisconsin, and we packed up our house, left my garden with asparagus and blueberries behind, and returned to our “home.” I am rediscovering what I love about Wisconsin food – the vibrant farms and small farm stands, the open vistas and miles-high sunsets, rumbling thunderstorms, bright sun for crops, and food. Oh, the food. Diverse restaurants, innovative cooking. I could go on and on… I love this place. I. Love. Wisconsin.

Let’s discover something new!

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