ReLocavore: Redefining "local"

Back to Wisconsin, my cheesehead friends


I completed my PhD from the University of Wisconsin this past summer and took a new job at Dartmouth College. Sam and I have been locavores since we were married and, in preparation for the move, we realized that “local” would be moving too. We couldn’t bring a full Wisconsin Winter Larder with us to New Hampshire, so we would have to give away a lot of our food and start anew in a new state.

Moving is always a headache. Everything we own is squashed into two 6’x7’x8′ boxes.

Now that we’ve nearly completed our move, we are thinking of how best to put the Fall bounty by so we can eat through the winter. We want to find a new CSA, since CSA vegetables are the cheapest way to eat locally. But we also need to scope out the local retailers and markets. And we need to put a LOT of food by. We’re way behind in our seasonal preparations. Sadly, many of the early-season treats like strawberry jam and dried morels will just have to wait until next year.


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