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Anybody else sick of zucchini yet?


Late August is the only time that New Englanders lock their car doors. If you leave your car unlocked, somebody will leave you a box of orphan zucchini on your front seat. (Photo from

We have the first week of our CSA where we don’t have lettuce and do have more zucchini (and other summer squash) than we expect to eat in a week. This marks a big move in our Summer eating. Up until this point, we have new vegetables trickling in for the first time – the first cucumber, the first tomato, the first zucchini. We’ve now reached the peak of novelty and descended into bounty. We must smash tomatoes into jars because there are just too many to eat. The cucumbers get huge, bitter, and neglected on the vine. The lettuce, spinach and other greens have gone to seed and are bitter and inedible. We now have to hide zucchini in other foods. We now move into crisis mode. There are vegetables coming out our ears.

I have a lot of strategies for handling the bounty. Of course, you’ve read about my adventures with canning, drying, and other odd types of preserving. I also have strategic approaches for cooking that use up lots of vegetables. I went through some of  my recipes for using lots and lots of greens, and now over the next few days, I will let you in on my secrets on how to cook a lot of zucchini. 

Yes, I will share my recipe for chocolate zucchini cake. 

Until then!



2 thoughts on “Anybody else sick of zucchini yet?

  1. Last year I shredded a bunch of zucchini and froze it in ziplocks. I made my recipe for zucchini brownies several times. I will send you the recipe. I also put slices in my veggie lasagna and that is wonderful. You don’t have to cook the noodles because of the water from the zuc soften them up. Nancy made zucchini relish that was edible. I fried some with onions and peppers the other day to put in some spaghetti sauce and I could have eaten it with some oregano and parmesan. Hopefully, someone will submit some decent zuc recipes.

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