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Necessary equipment: a big damn bowl


A big goddamn bowl is essential for successful canning. My mom inherited my big bowl when we moved out to New Hampshire. I had inherited it originally from my mom’s mom… I made it through strawberries without one, but I’m staring down a bushel of green beans and I’m not going to screw around. I NEED a big bowl.

To give you a sense, the new big damn bowl is 20-quarts in size. I put a widemouth pint jar in the big damn bowl in order to give you a sense of size. A big damn bowl needs to be large enough in order to successfully wash half a bushel of beans, or hold the kernels cut off a dozen ears of corn, or bathe small infants. Big.

Look for the story of sauerkraut… As made in the big damn bowl.

6 thoughts on “Necessary equipment: a big damn bowl

  1. I have several big damn bowls and love them all. I’m so glad you got a new one. Where did you find it?

  2. You just convinced me that I NEED a big damn bowl. Yup, that’s awesome.

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