ReLocavore: Redefining "local"

Back to Wisconsin, my cheesehead friends

4 thoughts on “This week in veg: a big zucchini

  1. Now what in the heck are you going to make for dinner?

  2. and how will you use the big zuc?

    • I have three tiers of zucchini recipes. The first tier actually features Zucchini – for example, greek panfried zucchini. The second tier has zucchini in it, but doesn’t feature it too prominently, e.g. veggie lasagna. The last tier “hides” the zucchini like my “Magic” chocolate cake, or Not zucchini jam.

      I think we’re still in tier 1 recipes – Maybe I’ll make some zucchini rolls… Sausages rolled in long thin strips of zucchini. Like pigs in a blanket but pigs in a zucchini…

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