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We only need a few things…


I’m looking forward to going to Penzey’s spices while we’re back home in Madison. We’ve run out of awful lot of things and had to buy subpar quality spices from the co-op. They try to keep good spices in stock, but there’s only so much turnover on things like ground cardamom or whole nutmegs.

5 thoughts on “We only need a few things…

  1. I will wait and go with you. i need a couple of items also. just saying, there is no substitution for Mexican oregano.

    • I agree that Mexican Oregano is tops But since I’m not planning on being in Mexico any time soon, I’ll have to settle with Penzeys. The stuff at the Coop is aromatic, but flavorless.

  2. We put in a large annual order to Penzeys each year so that our kitchen in bush Alaska is well stocked! We LOVE their smoked chipotles.

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