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This Week in Veg: organic, locally-grown iceberg lettuce


20130614-185050.jpg1. Napa cabbage 2. Red leaf lettuce 3. Swiss chard 4. Iceberg lettuce 5. Green garlic 6. Escarole

I have never before seen locally grown, organic iceberg lettuce. It looks a little bit less freakish than the stuff you find wrapped in plastic at the grocery store, but only a little bit less freakish. I’m curious what these heads of lettuce would retail for at the farmers market or at the co-op. Just because it’s funny, we may have a composed salad where we serve wedges of iceberg lettuce. Has your CSA ever delivered iceberg lettuce?

The other treats this week was green garlic. This is a young garlic plants that have not had time to form a head of garlic and mature. The white bulbs and some of the green stems are edible, and the flavor tastes like garlic but not as strong. Sam is using some of the cream garlic in tonight’s dinner; pasta with garlic and olive oil and cheese.

4 thoughts on “This Week in Veg: organic, locally-grown iceberg lettuce

  1. I threw all of my greens seeds together in a little container this year. I scattered them in a couple of rows. Wouldn’t you know, the roquette took over and I have two rows of it. I now have to go buy new seeds. Lesson learned. The spinach, roquette and sorrel make for an interesting salad.

  2. We did get iceberg once and I was equally surprised. I think I chopped it fine to top some Mexican food.

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