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Skewer shrimp for fun and profit


Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be fish with fruit salsa. I headed to the coop thinking “tilapia, or maybe salmon…” but was confronted with the Fish Counter Conundrum… The COOP does a good job labeling the origins of fish and seafood, giving information on how the seafood was caught (farmed, netted, hooked, etc) and how sustainable the seafood is: green for good, red for unsustainable. So, yes, I want to do my soft-hearted liberal best to make sure that I Save the World with my purchases… but at the same time, I was confronted with ASTRONOMICAL price differences. Eating sustainable seafood is really damn expensive. This is the Fish Counter Conundrum.

The exception is always¬†shrimp. They’re bioaccumulating biofilters from the bottom of the food chain that live darn near everywhere, can be caught and farmed sustainably, and don’t require a second mortgage to eat. They’re the pigeons of the sea, or the rats of the sea, or something like that… I was able to get 16 shrimp at 12-16 count weight for around $6. They were listed as “sustainable” and had a big green sign saying that I was going to Save the World if I bought shrimp instead of salmon or tilapia.

I cooked them under the broiler (we can’t grill at our apartment) with a big sprinkle of paprika, basil and some cayenne. The fruit salsa was peach and avocado with green onion. Underneath was pilaf with almonds – unremarkable and not quite in line with the dish, but hey… I’m a home cook, not a chef. I get to make-do and write it off as a resources problem.