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Lye Brook Falls, Manchester, VT


8-Lye Brook Falls

(Note the tiny person shown for scale.)

Effort: Maximum. We hiked for an hour and 20 minutes to get to the falls, then had an hour hike back to the car. It was an OK hike, but the trail was full of cantelope-sized smooth stones, (mountain bikers call them baby heads) making hiking a challenge on the feet and ankles.

Reward: The guidebook I referenced mentioned that we should visit these falls in Spring or early Summer when the water level is high. When we were there, there was a steady trickle of water falling down the rocks. The pools were 1 to 3 inches deep – barely enough for wading, let alone a much-needed swim after a hike in the heat. I think I would also like the hike in the winter to see the falls crusted in ice.

Fun: This hike would have been a lot more fun in the spring when there was more water in the falls. That being said, it was a nice hike.

Pidi and Daisy’s Evaluation: We love hiking. We love to run around in the woods with our jingle bells. One problem – there wasn’t a lot of water to drink along the trail, so we had to keep asking mom for a drink.

3 thoughts on “Lye Brook Falls, Manchester, VT

  1. No I didn’t see the little person. Am I blind? I think this would be good in the Spring also. I would like to see this one.

  2. Hiking to waterfalls is the best. I actually like going in the summer when water levels are lower, because it allows greater maneuverability. Having once slipped and fallen down a short waterfall, I rather like dry patches. Plus they tend to be less crowded when the water level’s low!

  3. Maybe this is a difference between Northwest and Northeast waterfalls. Our waterfalls are nearly dry in the summers and just perfect in the spring. I’ll go back next spring and get a gauge on the water level. Many of these falls don’t seem to approach “dangerous” water levels. (Hurricanes aside)

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