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Cold Soba


When it is hot outside, I love to eat cold soba noodles. We dunk them in an ice-cold strong broth made from mirin, soy and sake. The trick to good soba is to cook them in just-boiling water, then cool them in multiple changes of cold water. I also “scrub” off the excess starch as they cool so the noodles don’t stick together. 
Other dishes on the table are pickles, broccoli raab in mustard and chili sauce, steamed egg with wakame seaweed, and Chinese style pork with hakurei turnips and hoisin sauce. 

7 thoughts on “Cold Soba

  1. I admit that it looks pretty good but I will stick with my Cha Cha Chicken from last night.

  2. I am a big fan of cold soba, especially served with tempura. I am partial to a dipping sauce made of dashi and soy sauce with nori, wasabi and green onion on the side.

  3. The batter is pretty thin, as batters go. I’d say it is a a little bit thicker than heavy cream. A little bit thinner than well-stirred yogurt, so long as it isn’t Greek or set with gelatin. Sorry I can’t be more exact.

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