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Revenge of the Deer


2014-09-14 14.52.41I should have seen this coming. I left the garden gate open for one night and BAM the deer ate the tops off my swiss chard.  I was letting those leaves grow really big and fleshy to make my stuffed chard.  Now I guess I’ll have to fashion some recipe that just uses the stems. And wash off the deer spit before using.

2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Deer

  1. Lesson learned. Don’t leave the gate open. I can’t imagine trying to fight deer. Bunnies and gophers are bad enough.

    • We’ve put Fear of Dog to the gophers and chipmunks by brushing Pidi and Molly on the periphery of the garden a few days each week. They’re not the issue. It’s the deer. I was out this morning and they ate all of the bits of the cucumber plant hanging outside the fence.

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