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Wide Mouth Canning Jar Accessories


Thanks to Cool Tools for their recent overview of wide mouth canning  jar accessories.

They covered:

  • The Cuppow: A lid that lets you drink from your canning jar.
  • The Kraut Cap: An airlock for a canning jar for anaerobic fermenting.
  • Re-Cap: A pour spout and lid for a canning jar. This would be great for salad dressings.
  • The Holdster: A handle for a canning jar.

I would also add these other accessories that extend the usefullness of your canning jars:

  • The Bnto from Cuppow: A cup that fits inside a canning jar, giving two separate storage spaces.
  • Plastic jar lids: Dishwasher-safe and reusable lids for foods that are NOT shelf stable.
  • Shaker jar lids: Turn your jar into a spice shaker. I use this for nutritional yeast on my popcorn.

2 thoughts on “Wide Mouth Canning Jar Accessories

  1. I see these attachments (gadgets) as extravagances rather than necessities. I did like the plastic lids so you can store your herbs. I canned 9 quarts of beans from my garden yesterday. I’m running out of wide mouth quarts.

  2. Do you have regular mouth quarts? I almost never see them anymore. I don’t know if we’ll can beans this year. I did a bunch last year and we barely touched them over the winter. Maybe I need to lay in some cans of mushroom soup and FFos so we can have green bean casserole anytime. Then we’ll definitely eat more green beans!

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