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This Week in Veg: I’m OK with cucumbers coming out my ears


We got a healthy load of cucumbers this week. I’m completely OK with that. First, I’m at my fermenting workshop this week learning all about lactic acid fermentation and making old-fashioned “sour” pickles. Second, there’s nothing to beat the heat like an ice-cold cucumber. We’ll see what happens.

I’m also happy to see an influx of full-sized onions. We’ve been running low on aromatics over the past week. Spring onions are past, green garlic is scarce, and there’s not a ginger root or shallot to be had.


3 thoughts on “This Week in Veg: I’m OK with cucumbers coming out my ears

  1. Fond of veggies?
    Enjoy vegan summer soups..

  2. I actually prefer my cucumbers warm from the garden. I am eating one right now. I’m determined to eat all the cucumbers very small this year. Last year I grew several blimps and had to pitch them. This year I have them out in the open where I can see them before they get too big. Happy cuke eating.

    • One of the advantages of our CSA is that we don’t often see the giant cucumbers and zucchini. I don’t remember where I was the first time, but I distinctly remember pulling a mesh bag of cucumbers out of a creek. The water had chilled them. They tasted so good. Girl Scout camp maybe?

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