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This Week in Veg: A Cucumber is a fruit…




We got two new and exciting things in the CSA this week: Cucumbers and Russian red kale.

The Cucumbers are the bearer of good news – Summer is almost here. They’re the first “vegetable” that we get each season that really needs some sun to grow. The turnips, asparagus, radishes, and bok choi that we’ve got over the last few weeks are cool-weather crops.

The red Russian kale is a fad, I think. Is there some local restaurant that’s doing something fancy with this type of kale? What ever am I going to do with an entire bag?

3 thoughts on “This Week in Veg: A Cucumber is a fruit…

  1. I also think the Red Russian kale is a fad. I’ve always found it the most peppery and bitter of the kales I’ve worked with. That being said, I think you could find good use for it in savory dishes. I would lend a subdued edge to a quiche and would probably be quite nice combined with minced lamb (or other gamey meat) as a pasta filling or farce.

  2. You’ll love this… Cooks Illustrated suggests massaging it. I’m not kidding. Massage. I’ll post shortly.

  3. Look for a discussion of massaging vegetables for tenderness tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for some inspiration.

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