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Canning Pears

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We had a SNAFU last week with the fruit box. We signed up for summer fruit (think peaches) and fall fruit (apples). Through some strange administrative glitch, we had an overlap between our summer and winter CSAs, and we ended up with two boxes of fruit. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, we put up a bunch of the unexpected fruit.

The boxes had 16 ripe pears-Bartlett and Bosc. There is no way that Sam and I could eat 16 ripe pears before they went south. Out came  the water bath canner and most of those pears ended up in jars.  We were able to fit 6 pear halves into each quart without squashing them too much-these were big pears. I made 6 cups of super-light syrup to fill the jar space. We ended up with 5 quarts and one pear left over for breakfast.

Typically, I would can my pears with ginger. The combination is really special. But, doing this at 9pm on Friday with the stuff I have in the house, I wasn’t able to make the best. Farnum hill will have some pears ripe in a few weeks, and I’ll can a load of them with ginger.

One thought on “Canning Pears

  1. I stole pears down the street and canned 13 pints. I left one pint on the porch of the house where I stole them. I asked that she enjoy the pears. The bag is gone from the porch so I guess since I’m not in jail for trespassing, she didn’t mind.

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