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You didn’t sign up for this…

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Yesterday while I was at work, Addi the core author of this blog and my wife, went a little crazy and bought 50 lbs of tomatoes. She stopped by my shop to pick up our dog and say “hi honey! Guess what you get to do on your two day weekend?”

So, this weekend it’s jamming tomatoes in jars two ways. As you will see in the next post we also are doing basic tomato and basil sauce.

I’ve been threatened with pesto and onion jam as well.

The photo you see is six jars of standard red tomatoes and two jars of heirloom varietals we received in our weekly CSA share. TOMATO CONFETTI!

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One thought on “You didn’t sign up for this…

  1. They are lovely. I’m doing spaghetti sauce today also. My fingernails are pink already. Had to take a break for a moment. Lol loo. Smother

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