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This week in veg: Sweet Radishes


After months of waiting, we FINALLY have a CSA and we’re getting shares! I’ll be posting pics of our CSA deliveries from Cedar Circle Farm as they come in – look for the tag This Week in Veg. We got arugula, radishes (with greens), spring onions, bok choi, and two heads of lettuce.

2013-05-24 16.18.41

4 thoughts on “This week in veg: Sweet Radishes

  1. Mmmm. I love it when the bok choi arrives!

  2. I pulled my first radish from the garden yesterday and while breaking off the leaves, I dropped it in the yarrow by the compost and couldn’t find it. Pulled another (it was bigger anyhow) and was much more careful while depositing the leaves into the compost. So sweet and crisp. I love fresh radishes. Your dad doesn’t like them and that is okay with me. I eat them all…

  3. This is so weird. My comment above says I did it at 10:31 am. It is 5:32 am.

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