ReLocavore: Redefining "local"

Back to Wisconsin, my cheesehead friends


The price of tea in China

Scrambled eggs (from Dreamfarm) with Ramps.

Back in the day, Sam and I received a dozen eggs a week from Diana Murphy of Dreamfarm in Cross Plains, WI. If I remember, we paid $120 for 24 deliveries, or $5 per dozen eggs. Diana sells a dozen eggs at the Westside Farmers’ Market in Madison for $4.25. I’ve been to her farm on many occasions and I was able to see how she keeps her chickens.

The Madison area also had Phil’s Eggs, that are raised in Forreston, IL, near where I grew up.  I was able to tour their farm in high school and see how they were raising cage-free (but not free range) hens. These eggs were cheaper – If I remember $2.99 per dozen.

Confused about these egg terms? CNN has a guide that explains egg terminology and what’s regulated by USDA and what’s fluff.

So given that we had been noshing on humane eggs, I now have to relearn the market, in order to choose good eggs. I had to go scouting for prices on eggs. We eat a LOT of eggs, usually a dozen a week. Please don’t tell my doctor.

Eggs at the COOP

Eggs at the Norwich Farmers’ Market

I’ll fill in more details about how hens are raised at Echo Hill and On the Edge Farm once I’m able to talk more to the producers.

So we’re paying a premium for farmers’ market eggs. However, that premium may be from smaller production, hence small-scale markups, or else the hens may be kept in better (more expensive) conditions. The big advantage is that I can talk to the chicken farmers at the market and ask them questions about how their chickens are raised. I’m willing to pay a premium for humane chicken treatment, but typically not a premium for organic feed.